Sunday, October 25, 2015

Through the Gray

Acrylic on canvas panel - 6x6 inches

We've had several overcast days here.  At least it seems that way. And although I do like to see the sun, there's something nice about a gray day too.  They are usually good days for being productive too.  (Not that I am productive every time it's overcast... Ha!)

I've been thinking I should do more in the way of promoting my paintings. I haven't been doing much other than posting occasionally to Google+, which has helped, but I feel like I am behind on all the social media stuff.  I was thinking I might try Instagram first.  If anyone is interested in following me my username is sbauerart.  I can currently count my followers on one hand, but if I get that number up I'd like to do giveaways and whatever else I can think of... to shamelessly promote myself...

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