Friday, February 28, 2014

Clouds at Fort Myers

11x14 inches - acrylic on canvas panel

We just got back from a Florida family vacation.  It was gorgeous the whole week. Perfect time to get away from the cold.  When we got off the plane in Boston, it was 14 degrees. Oh well.  It was nice to escape for awhile.  Hopefully just a few more weeks of this cold weather!


  1. This is beautiful Shannon. I was so happy to see that you visited my blog so that I could find yours! I am adding you to my blog list. You are such a good artist. I admire your work and am so glad that I found you on etsy and will soon own one of your paintings. My home is very bare, minimalist and a mostly white a blank canvas. I am not a collector but I could very easily begin collecting your paintings. There is something about them that speaks to me.

    1. You are too kind, Kerrie! Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words. I often have days where I feel like I'm just not good enough and I want to give up, but it always ends up being temporary. I can't seem to give up trying, and words of encouragement from others are very valuable to me (and they always seem to come up when I need them most...). Thank you so much!